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Beer Sticks (6Pk)

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Moons Green Charcuterie, Beer Sticks Hand-Selected by foodies Deli
Moons Green Charcuterie Beer Sticks have earned a reputation in some of London’s finest pubs as the perfect accompaniment to a pint of beer. They mince free range pork shoulder from locally sourced pigs, season it with a healthy shake of Malawian chilli, pepper and curing salt, then stuff the mix into thin, natural casings. They’re dried for a week or so and consumed in seconds. Very moreish. A perfect snack. Watch out for the chilli tickle.
The free-range pork used at Moons Green is custom reared. It’s bigger, at least twice the size of commercial pigs, and takes almost three times as long to reach a size that is perfect for our charcuterie.
John creates every recipe, stuffs every stick of Moons Green saucisson, grinds their own spices, hand rubs every cure into every slipper, loin, collar, bresaola and pancetta slab that Moons Green makes.
All their products are hand-made. Taste them and you might just decide that these charcutiers are artisans working in a world dominated by chemists and factories and that they make a mouth-wateringly good sausage.
Moons Green Charcuterie
It started when former ad man, winemaker, food writer and rare breed pig farmer John Doig started making chorizo in his garage at Moons Green in the Kentish Weald. A couple of years later you can find him in the middle of a busy butchery in Wittersham, Kent. Moons Green Charcuterie are leaders of the new British Charcuterie movement, making an amazing array of fabulous saucissons, bacons, hams and uniquely British cured meats.
A kiwi, John lived and worked in New York, Asia and the South of France before coming to England with his two youngest children. He’s driven by the idea that a British school of meat curing will lead to exciting new flavours and products. He is concentrating on celebrating Britain’s great advantage; the best pork in the world.
What makes Moons Green Beer Sticks Special
The secret to everlasting life is to use both hands. A glass of something you like in one hand and a Moons Green Beer Stick in the other. One bite and 15 seconds later there’s a small chilli kick to make you smile.
County of Origin: British Pork, Charcuterie handmade in Kent
Storage: Keep refrigerated below 5°.
Freshly sliced and wrapped - Please eat within Best Before Date on product label.