Lighthouse Bakery

Bodiam Brown Small

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Lighthouse Bakery, Bodiam Brown Bread Hand-Selected by foodies Deli
Lighthouse Bakery Bodiam Brown Bread, named after the Castle just outside our bakery door, this is a wholemeal loaf with the added tang of molasses. The dark colour of the loaf belies a light, soft crumb. It is available either as a tinned loaf, or round and baked on the oven sole.
Handmade in East Sussex
Bread with no artificial enhancers or chemical improvers
Left to ferment for longer to enhance the flavour of the dough
Baked fresh and delivered each morning
Lighthouse Bakery
The Lighthouse Bakery overlooks Bodiam Castle, in the beautiful East Sussex countryside.
All our bread is made using traditional methods. We hand-mould each individual loaf and use long fermentation times to develop the full flavour of the dough. We do not use any artificial enhancers or chemical improvers.
What makes Bodiam Brown Bread Special
A beautiful soft slightly sweet bread, fantastic with fish, soft cheese or pate.
County of Origin: East Sussex
Ingredients: Wholemeal Flour, Salt, Yeast, Molasses, Vegetable Oil