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Canterbury Cobble

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Cheesemakers of Canterbury Cobble Hand-Selected by foodies Deli
Canterbury Cobble Cheese is a naturally rinded brine-washed British Friesian cow's milk cheese aged for two to four months.
Handmade in Kent
Semi-hard Cheese made from cows' milk
Cheddar style mellow with a slight sweetness
Aged 2-4 Months
Perfect on a cheese board, loved by all generations
Our award-winning naturally rinded cheddar-style cheese made from British Friesian cow's milk and matured for at least 2-4 months.
This hard, unpasteurised cheese is made in the style of cheddar and after milling is wrapped in muslin and pressed for two days in original 19th century presses. They are then unwrapped and placed “nude on old pine shelves in the dairy's maturing room for at least 2-4 months. Each cheese is turned and stroked daily to produce the unique natural rind.
Cheesemakers of Canterbury
Time, dedication and a whole lot of love go into producing Cheesemakers of Canterbury cheese the old-fashioned way, using locally sourced ingredients. The cheese makers are a team of local people, all passionate about what they do, busy at work at their dairies in Dargate and Hastingleigh,
using age-old methods to produce the finest cheeses from the finest local milks.

What makes Canterbury Cobble Cheese Special
The Canterbury Cobble cheese uses the same starter culture as the Bowyer's brie-style cheese. This gives a slight sweetness to balance its tang. A children's favourite with plenty to keep the adults interested.
County of Origin: Kent
Milk Variety: Cows'
Vegetarian: YES
Organic: No
Unpasteurised: YES
For Pregnant Women: NO
Ingredients: Raw cows' MILK (%), Salt, Rennet, Starter culture
Storage: Keep refrigerated below 8c°.
Freshly cut and wrapped - Please eat within Best Before Date on product label.