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Chaucers Camembert Style

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Cheesemakers of Canterbury Chaucers camembert-style Cheese Hand-Selected by foodies Deli
Chaucers camembert-style Cheese is a Pasteurised soft cheese made from British Friesian cow's milk cheese matured for three weeks. Rich and creamy.
Handmade in Kent
Soft Cheese made from cows' milk
Camembert style
Aged 3 weeks
Perfect on a cheese board, if you love good Camembert you'll love Chaucers
The soft pasteurised Chaucers cheese is made and matured much quicker. Once the curd is cut it is hand-ladled into moulds and allowed to drain overnight. The next day they are taken from the moulds, turned, and salted by hand, and on day 3 they are turned onto racks, salted and put into the maturing room.
After a week the distinctive white “furry coating begins to appear on the cheeses. When ready they are wrapped in white breathable paper to keep maturing until they reach the customer's preferred level of ripeness.
Cheesemakers of Canterbury
Time, dedication and a whole lot of love go into producing Cheesemakers of Canterbury cheese the old-fashioned way, using locally sourced ingredients. The cheese makers are a team of local people, all passionate about what they do, busy at work at their dairies in Dargate and Hastingleigh,
using age-old methods to produce the finest cheeses from the finest local milks.
What makes Chaucers Cheese Special
Chaucers achieved 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2014 and rated a top 50 product out of 10,000 food entries.
Leave it out of the fridge on the day you eat it, and watch it open up and bloom like a flower. For years this was a steady seller in the French-speaking area of Belgium.
County of Origin: Kent
Milk Variety: Cows'
Vegetarian: YES
Organic: No
Unpasteurised: NO
For Pregnant Women: YES
Ingredients: Raw Cows' MILK (%), Salt, Rennet, Starter culture
Storage: Keep refrigerated below 8c°.
Freshly cut and wrapped - Please eat within Best Before Date on product label.