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Earl Grey Tea Bags

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Prince and Sons Tea Company, blended and packaged in Uckfield, East Sussex.
Thirteen different blends made up of six teas and seven herbal blends.
The full English breakfast is an institution not to be tampered with. It’s a combination of ingredients that together make something that is far greater than the sum of its parts. True of the breakfast and true of our tea. A blend of rich, malty Assam, bright, robust Kenyan and refreshing Sri Lankan Uva results in a satisfying, fortifying brew.
Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey, led a distinguished life. In 1830, filling the boots of the Duke of Wellington, he became Prime Minister. In office he passed the Great Reform Act and abolished slavery throughout the British Empire. What is this formidable statesman known for? A tea. Luckily it’s a delicious tea and ours particularly so. Fine Sri Lankan Uva flavoured with bergamot oil and blended with a scattering of red cornflowers.
Mint tea, both soothing and refreshing, our fine mint leaf tea will take your breath away. One half cooling peppermint, much beloved by those who may have over-indulged and one half sweet spearmint with its power to refresh and revitalise. This perfectly balanced combination delivers a mouthwatering, mighty mint blend.
The tea bags are made by Fuso in Japan who also make the clever machines that fill them. Their fine silky mesh allows the blends to be seen and their shape helps protect the contents. Best of all they are made from corn starch and are fully biodegradable.