Alsop and Walker

Idle Hour (Sx Crumble)

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Alsop & Walker Idle Hour Cheese Hand-Selected by foodies Deli
Idle Hour Cheese is a creamy tasting cheese with slight citrus undertones and a hint of nut, in a natural edible rind. Idle Hour cheese is made from cow's milk matured for 19-20 weeks.
Handmade in Mayfield, East Sussex
Semi Hard Cheese made from cows' milk
Creamy tasting cheese with slight citrus undertones and a hint of nut flavour
Aged 19-20 weeks
Perfect on a cheese board, loved by all generations
Idle Hour cheese is a traditional pasteurised cheese handmade in Mayfield, East Sussex. This cheese won a Bronze Medal in the 2011 World Cheese Awards
Alsop and Walker
Arthur Alsop and Nic Walker make their cheese in East Sussex, following a mixture of traditional and modern methods with the addition of their own twist. They continue to produce some very exciting and bespoke cheeses and offer a full range which could help you create the perfect local cheese board selection.
They are regularly holding court in The World Stage of Cheese with their decorations of medals for their achievements.
What makes Idle Hour Cheese Special
The Idle Hour Cheese, formerly know as Sussex Crumble, is loved by everyone with its creamy texture and slight citrus undertones and a hint of nut make it a great cheese for all occasions whether on a cheese board or simply on its own, it doesn't disappoint.
County of Origin: East Sussex
Milk Variety: Cows'
Vegetarian: YES
Organic: No
Unpasteurised: NO
For Pregnant Women: YES
Ingredients: Raw cows' MILK (%), Salt, Rennet, Starter culture
Storage: Keep refrigerated below 8c°.
Freshly cut and wrapped - Please eat within Best Before Date on product label.