Five Chimneys Farm

Large Eggs free range 1/2 dzn

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Free Range Eggs Large 1/2 Dozen.

Five Chimneys Farm in Hadlow Down, East Sussex, has just under 40,000 free range hens providing them with the finest eggs in Sussex.
Five Chimneys Eggs at Five Chimneys Farm, Hadlow Down, East Sussex has be established for nearly 20 years. Supplying thousands of eggs to not only some major supermarkets but also local restaurants, pubs, cafes and village shops.

Five Chimneys free range eggs are amazing poached, scambled or used in Yorkshire puddings and cakes.

The hens have over 100 acres of fields and woodland to play amongst, with shelters to get out the sun on those hot days and to hide from the rain on the not so nice days, but whatever the weather our hens love playing outside and having a good old natter!!