Honest Toil

Olive Oil 500ml

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Honest Toil Olive Oil swing top glass bottle 500ml.

first pressing • single-estate • hand-picked • cold-pressed • unrefined • pure olive juice … just as it should be!

Extra virgin olive oil is 100% first pressing cold pressed Native Greek Messinian. Its 0.3% acidity renders it among the purest extra virgin olive oil available.

Handpicked and sustainably pressed this family harvested and run businessis as pure as it gets.

Our family’s passion to bring to your table an unadulterated, all natural, extra virgin olive oil is, in our humble but sincere opinion, evident in our product.
Since establishing our little business, we have found that there are a fair few people out there who agree with us, and, much to our appreciation, our oil has been greatly acclaimed by those restaurants, delicatessens and individuals to whom we’ve supplied.

Our little orchard of Koroneiki trees is tucked away in the Western Peloponnese region of Greece. Our plants produce a yield of relatively teeny fruits whose full and fantastic flavour is renowned for making the superlative oil that is characteristic of this region. So much so, that during the months of the harvest, the magnificent smell of fresh olives rises from local presses and weighs heavy on the sultry air. It is this sensuous aroma which hits the curious nose hovering over a bottle of Honest Toil, and this same deep, delicious aroma that’s locked within the liquid.

From the branches of our trees to the bottles in our store-room, the Honest Toil ethos combines naturalness and simplicity to provide, for your enjoyment, an indisputably fine grade of Greek olive oil.