Penne Whole Wheat Pasta 500g

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Garofalo, Penne Integrali, Cooking time 11 minutes.

- Weight: 500 g
- Pasta: wholemeal durum wheat flour
- Drawing: bronze
- Surface: rough

Pasta Garofalo was first produced in 1789. Pasta Garofalo has been considered the quality pasta par excellence since the twenty-year Fascist period. Garofalo transform the best durum wheats into the best possible pasta.

What we have learnt over the centuries has become our artisan intelligence; this has enabled us to develop a technology whereby we are able to control all pasta production phases, from the choice of durum wheat to packaging, which differs according to the type of pasta - pacchero, spaghetto, vermicello. It is in this awareness and with these options that we can consider each shape as a different pasta and not the same pasta with a different shape. As children, we learnt that taste does not deserve an age and that cooking for them is a gesture of love. Hence we decided to launch our
"La giostra dei bambini" line.
When we look at our packaging, which is also transparent on the sides, where pasta leaves imperfections and micro fragments that no one has had the courage to show, we believe that it really is worthwhile being transparent. We continue to seek that perfect balance and flavour. As always.