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Sister Sarah

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High Weald Dairy, Sister Sarah cheese Hand-Selected by foodies Deli
Sister Sarah is a semi-soft goats' milk cheese. It is matured for just 8-12 weeks. Sister Sarah is a mild cheese, with a light and delicious flavour.
Handmade in West Sussex
Semi-soft semi-soft goats' milk cheese
Mild cheese, with a delicious “caramel like flavour
Aged for 8-12 weeks
Sister Sarah is an award winning semi-soft goats' milk cheese. It is matured for just 8-12 weeks. The cheese is very white because the goats digest all the carotene in the grass. It is a mild cheese, with a light and delicious flavour and without any of the âc‚¬˜goatiness' which is often associated with a goat cheese. The cheese is coated in annatto (a south American berry) to create the orange colour.
High Weald Dairy
In the late 1980s Mark and his parents Guy and Audrey, established a flock of 150 British Friesland sheep for milking at their small family farm in Duddleswell. The idea was to sell the milk to a local cheesemaker but, with each sheep producing up to three litres of rich milk every day, they were soon faced with a surplus. As a result, they began to bottle the fresh sheep milk and sell it to local health food shops where it was in high demand as a delicious and nutritious alternative for people with an intolerance to cow milk (find out more on our Nutritional Benefit page). Sheep milk yogurt followed next, and then a selection of cheeses, including 100% sheep milk Halloumi originally supplied to the North London Cypriot community, Medita a version of Greek feta cheese, then the hard, mature Duddleswell and Sussex Slipcote soft cheeses.
As the cheese sales grew, so did the number of sheep in the flock, although there was a limit to how many could be kept on the small family farm. Soon other small dairy sheep farms began supplying them with sheep milk, so that they could sell cheese to retailers throughout the year. The range of organic cow milk cheeses developed gradually, initially as hard cheeses, but more recently as semi soft continental style cheeses.
By 2003, the business outgrew the facility at Duddleswell and production was moved to Tremains Farm, in Horsted Keynes, a 350-acre family farm where 250 organic dairy cows were milked on site. A former grain store on the farm was transformed in to a modern dairy where Mark, and the cheesemakers who work alongside him, have been able to widen the range of cheeses produced.
What makes Sister Sarah Cheese Special
Sister Sarah cheese is named after Sarah, wife to Mark whose family owned the original farm in Duddleswell.
County of Origin: West Sussex
Milk Variety: Goats'
Vegetarian: YES
Organic: NO
Unpasteurised: NO
For Pregnant Women: YES
Ingredients: Raw Goats' MILK (%), Salt, Rennet, Starter culture
Storage: Keep refrigerated below 8c°.
Freshly cut and wrapped - Please eat within Best Before Date on product label.