Olive Branch

Sun dried Tomato paste

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Olive Branch, Sun Dried Tomato Paste.

The Greek Mezze range are the perfect pastes for everything from simple snacks to stir-in sauces. Popular as dips, spreads and cooking ingredients, making them a staple in kitchens across the world.

Olive Branch Founder Maria Koinaki is from Crete. Like most Cretans, her family owns their own olive trees and as a child, Maria would take part in the annual olive harvest, hand picking fresh olives and helping her father to take them to the local olive mill in the Lasithi prefecture of Crete.
“Olive picking is one of my fondest childhood memories. Each year, my father would wake my brother and me shortly before sunrise. Armed with a picnic lunch, we would head off to the grove to pick olives all morning. We hand pick the olives with the aid of a long stick which we use to tap the branches lightly to allow the olives to fall onto a tarpaulin cloth, from where we hand pick those which look suitable.”

Maria decided to turn her father’s olive oil into a brand and together with her partner Kamil, launched Olive Branch in the Summer of 2011. Her father works closely with the local community co-operative where his olives are pressed.
Since launching Olive Branch, Maria has gone on to develop many more products, including the popular Greek Mezze, Chunky Olive Tapenade and the innovative Sweet Olive Relish. They have won multiple awards including Great Taste Awards (UK) and Le Prix des Epicures (France).